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2017 Presentations

September 26 Overview of current research

CSDS' visitors and staff present an overview of their current research


October 3 Coro Chasco

Coro Chasco, Associate Professor in Applied Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Spatial Interaction Model

October 10   Coro Chasco
Spatial Interaction Model (Cont.)
October 17 Xindian Li

Xindian Li, Visiting Scholar, Center for Spatial Data Science, UChicago

Spatio-temporal housing price index in Beijing

October 24 Kevin Credit

Kevin Credit, Visiting Scholar, Center for Spatial Data Science, UChicago

The National Establishment Time- Series (NETS)

October 31Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.42.20 AM.png Klaus Ackermann

Klaus Ackermann, Center for Data Science and Public Policy, University of Chicago

The Internet as Quantitative Social Science Platform

November 7 Guillaume Pouliot

Guillaume Pouliot, Assistant Professor, Harris School, University of Chicago 

Regression Analysis for Misaligned Data

November 14 Jamie Saxon

Jamie Saxon, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Spatial Constraints on Gerrymandering: A Practical Comparison of Methods

November 21   No Study Group (Thanksgiving)
November 28 Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson, Public Interest Tech Fellow at New America

Analyzing credit card transaction data to improve financial inclusion

December 5 Mauricio Santos Vega

Mauricio Santos Vega,
PhD Student, Department of Ecology & Evolution, UChicago

Population density, climate variables, and poverty synergistically structure spatial risk in urban malaria in India

The spatial study group meeting will continue in Winter 2018