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2018 Presentations

January 9 Alessandro Araldi

Alessandro Araldi, PhD Student at ESPACE Laboratory, University of the Côte d'Azur 

Urban Form from the Pedestrian Point of View: Spatial Patterns on a Street Network

January 16 Stuart Lynn

Stuart Lynn, Head of Research and Data at CARTO 

Stuart will highlight some of our recent efforts to build a spatial data science community (see the recent conference we co-hosted), including project examples at the intersection of spatial analytics and machine learning. 

January 16 Robert Manduca

Robert Manduca, Sociology and Social Policy PhD student at Harvard

Business District Identification using LODES Data

January 23   No Study Group
January 30   No Study Group
February 6Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.42.20 AM.png Marynia Kolak

Marynia Kolak, Center for Spatial Data Science, University of Chicago

Quantifying Effects of the Structural Determinants on Health in Cities

February 13 Yen-Tyng Chen

Yen-Tyng Chen, Postdoc at the University of Chicago Medicine

Place, network, and pre-exposure prophylaxis (prep) awareness: A multilevel study among young black men who have sex with men

February 20   No Study Group
February 27 Haozhi Pan

Haozhi Pan, Postdoc at University of illinois at Urbana-Champaign's LEAM 

Discovering Spatiotemporal Land Use Dynamics in Chicago

March 6   Working with administrative health records at UChicago
  Marynia Kolak

Marynia Kolak, Center for Spatial Data Science, University of Chicago

Northwestern patient data and AHA hospital data

Jamie Saxon

Jamie Saxon, Center for Spatial Data Science, University of Chicago

AMA physicians data (national)

Liz Tung

Liz Tung, UChicago Medicine

Patient data from EHR or survey

Puneet Chehal

Puneet Chehal, Assistant Professor, Emory University

Medicare data

March 13   No Study Group
March 20   No Study Group
March 27

Mike Powe

Carson Hartmann

Mike Powe, Director of Research, Preservation Green Lab

Carson Hartmann, Researcher, Preservation Green Lab

Why old buildings matter: Insights and new questions from spatial data science

April 3   No Study Group
April 10 Olivier Scaillet

Olivier Scaillet, Professor at the University of Geneva and the Swiss Finance Institute

Saddlepoint techniques for spatial panel data models

April 17   No Study Group
April 24 Nick Mader

Nick Mader, Senior Researcher at Chapin Hill, University of Chicago

The CANOPY Project – Algorithm-Assisted Resource Allocation Tools for City Planners

May 1 Coro Chasco

Coro Chasco, Associate Professor in Applied Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Spatial Interaction Modeling

May 8 Angela Li

Angela Li, R Advocate, Center for Spatial Data Science, University of Chicago

Spatial Ecosystem in R 

May 15 Alex C. Engler

Alex C. Engler, Program Director, Computational Analysis and Public Policy

D3 for Geospatial Visualization: An Overview

May 22   No Study Group
May 29 Meru Bhanot

Meru Bhanot, PhD student in Economics, University of Chicago 

The Effects of Credit Supply Shocks and Neighborhood Spillovers on Housing Investment: Evidence from Chicago

Spatial study group meetings will continue in Autumn 2018
October 9 Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 3.38.25 PM_thumb.png CSDS' staff and visitors present an overview of their current research
October 16   No Study Group
October 23 Caglar Koylu

Caglar Koylu, Assistent Professor at the University of Iowa and Director of The GeoSocial Lab

Uncovering Complex Patterns from Big Spatial Interaction Data: A Computation-Visualization Framework

October 30 Richard Farkas

Richárd Farkas, Assistant Lecturer at Department of Economics and Econometrics, University of Pécs

Spatial Modeling of Cost Pass Through Analysis

November 6 Corey Tabit

Corey Tabit, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago

Social Determinants of Cardiovascular Health and Disease: Can Analytics Help Doctors Save Lives?

November 13 Babak Mahdavi Ardestani

Babak Mahdavi Ardestani, BSc (CS), BSc (Math), MSc, PhD, FRGS, MBCS

Agent-based Modeling of Social Systems/Phenomena with Spatial Features: Cases of Residential Segregation and Social Care

November 20   No Study Group
November 27 Tselios Vassilis

Vassilis Tselios, Visiting Fulbright Scholar at the Harris School of Public Policy

Exploring Urban and Regional Clusters Using Satellite Images of Nighttime Lights

Spatial study group meetings will continue in Winter 2019