A collection of sample data sets for use with GeoDa and other spatial analysis software. Most of these data sets are provided in ESRI's shape file format. These data sets are used in the GeoDa tutorials.

The data files are compressed in a zip file. Download by using the "save as" feature in your browser applied to the links in the table below. The contents of the data files are described in an html or pdf format file included in the zip file.

The data are provided as is, without any warranties. Please make sure to give proper credit when using them in any publications. Some of the data sets are purely illustrative and should not be used for substantive research.

Our primary purpose for making the data available is for our tutorials and software use. You are welcome to use our sample data for other purposes, including sharing them with others, uploading them on your local server for your students, listing them on your personal website, simplifying the data, improving it, or other uses. We appreciate listing the credit.