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Spatial Analysis Study Group
CSDS' Spatial Study Group for students, faculty and research staff meets weekly or bi-weekly throughout the quarter to discuss spatial research — from research ideas to published work.

Tuesdays, 9-11am
Searle Chemistry Lab - Room 240A


R Spatial Workshop
Angela Li of CSDS teaches you how to work effectively with spatial data in R.

Tuesdays noon-1pm - October 8, 2019 - November 26, 2019
Searle Chemistry Lab - Room 240A


Environment Data Science Lunch 
The Environmental Data Lunch brings together a community working on spatial data issues, especially with regards to the environmental sciences. This meeting is intended also to be the core meeting for NRT students.

Thursdays noon-1:30pm
Searle Chemistry Lab - Room 240A

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The Tobler Society RSO is a YouthMappers Chapter at the University of Chicago to bring together students curious about spatial data science and harnessing spatial knowledge for social good. 71 students attended the initial meeting!


The Working Group on Analytics, Computation, and Education is a group of faculty and staff who meet once a month to discuss best practices in teaching computation. If you are actively teaching computation at the university, you may wish to get involved in this community of practice.

Tuesdays 11am-noon
Searle Chemistry Lab - Room 236

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Impact Stories: In 2018, 18 students and 9 visiting researchers joined 7 CSDS staff and director Luc Anselin to engage in spatial computational research. Here are some of their stories.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 3.34.48 AM_thumb.png Beyond UChicago: CSDS is active in building open spatial data science communities beyond UChicago.  Here are some of the events.