The Center for Spatial Data Science (CSDS) co-hosted the second Spatial Data Science Conference in Brooklyn, NY with CARTO this past week. The one-day conference held on Friday, October 12, 2018 brought together attendees from academia, industry, government, and more. There were over 110 attendees at the event and 25 contributed talks. 


Speakers presented cutting-edge spatial data science methods and research, and informal networking and breakout sessions allowed professionals to share their work using location-based data.


Over 7 members of the CSDS team were in attendance, and Jamie Saxon and Dan Snow spoke on their research about new methods to evaluate access to healthcare.



They received many questions afterward about their nation-wide, tract-level rational agent model to balance travel time and congestion at the resource.


We enjoyed co-hosting the conference for the second year and look forward to more to come! Conference presentations will be available online in the near future. Please reach out to for additional information.