October 8  meat and bits but not papers. Is it real work?

Note: Fernando Pérez (UC-Berkeley, Project Jupyter) will give a talk at the CDAC Distinguished Speaker Series:

Scientific Open Source Software: meat and bits but not papers. Is it real work?

GeoSci Lunch Time and Location Info here:
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Steven Moen

Yuhan Philip Liu

Steven Moen
Statistics, UChicago

Yuhan Philip Liu
Statistics, UChicago

Simultaneous Changepoint Detection in Temperature Data

Oct 18   No Environmental Data Science Lunch
Oct 24 Data Science for Energy and Environmental Research Meet the NRT Fellows and learn about the program!
Oct 31 Mercedes Pascual

Mercedes Pascual, Dept. of Ecology and Evolution, UChicago

Interrogating time series data on infectious disease incidence on the role of climate forcing  
Nov. 7 Rahul Subramanian

Rahul Subramanian, Dept. of Ecology and Evolution, UChicago

Back So Soon: Models that Ignore Climate Variation Fail to Predict the Rapid Emergence of Dengue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nov. 14 Stewart Edie

Stewart Edie, Geophysical Sciences, UChicago

The shape shells take: Deep learning the ecological and evolutionary context of complex biological form

Nov. 21 Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson, Argonne National Lab, Environmental Computing, Sensing, Data, and GIS Department

Analyzing big data for climate science: Tools and data for precipitation modeling and forecasting

Nov. 28   No Environmental Data Science Lunch (Thanksgiving)

December 5 



Last 2019 talk

Elise Jennings

Elise Jennings 
Argonne National Labs

Scientific Deep Learning: First steps towards reproducibility, interpretability & uncertainty quantification