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Liz Moyer

Julia Koschinsky

Liz Moyer
RDCEP, UChicago

Julia Koschinsky
Center for Spatial Data Science, UChicago

Meet and Greet

February 14 Jim Franke

Jim Franke
Geophysical Science, UChicago

Global crop modeling under climate change: yield sensitivity to changing temperature, water, nitrogen, and CO2

February 21 Eamon Duede

Eamon Duede
Knowledge Lab, UChicago

Convergence of economic growth and the Great Recession as seen from a Celestial Observatory

February 22
Special Event
Suzanne Pierce Suzanne Pierce
Texas Advanced Computing Center and Environmental Science Institute

Seeking Synergies with Intelligent Systems and Geoscience Applications

Time and location:
Hinds 101, 2-3 p.m.
February 28 Spencer Carran

Spencer Carran
Ecology and Evolution, UChicago

Developing Spatially Explicit Public Health Policy

March 7 Rebecca Willett

Rebecca Willett
Statistics and Computer Science, UChicago

Learning from Highly Correlated Features Using Graph Total Variation

March 14   Lightning Talks
March 21 Luis Bettencourt

Luis Bettencourt
Mansueto Institute
The Social Built Spaces of Cities

March 28   Spring Break
April 4 Mihai Anitescu

Mihai Anitescu
Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Space-Time Statistics at Argonne
April 11 Amir Jina

Amir Jina
Harris School of Public Policy, UChicago

Socioeconomic impacts of climate change: using data to understand climate impacts and the costs of adaptation

April 18

Dave Jablonski

Stewart Edie

Dave Jablonski 
Geophysical Sciences, UChicago

Stewart Edie 
Geophysical Sciences, UChicago

The global dynamics of marine biodiversity

April 25 James Osborne

James Osborne
Oriental Institute

Intensive and extensive survey techniques and remote sensing in Near Eastern archaeology

May 2 Rayid Ghani

Rayid Ghani
Center for Data Science and Public Policy and Computer Science

AI/ML/Data Science for Social Good: Opportunities and Challenges

May 9   Lightning Talks
May 16 Anthony Lauricella

Anthony Lauricella
Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes & the Oriental Institute

The CAMEL Lab and Recent Research on the Archaeology of Afghanistan
May 23 Daniel Sanz-Alonso

Daniel Sanz-Alonso
Department of Statistics

Inverse Problems on Unknown Manifolds

May 30 Tamma Carleton

Tamma Carleton
Energy Policy Institute

Generalizing Global Observation with Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning

June 6 Jessica Kunke

Jessica Kunke
Department of Statistics

The bootstrap: principles, variations, and applications

June 13 Kevin Schwarzwald

Kevin Schwarzwald
Energy Policy Institute

Projection Uncertainty and the Impacts of Climate Variability