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January 16Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.42.20 AM.png

Parmanand Sinha

Parmanand Sinha
Computational Scientist, Research Computing Center, Office of Research and National Laboratories, UChicago

Assessing the spatial sensitivity of a random forest model: Application in gridded population modeling

January 23 Carlo Graziani

Carlo Graziani
Computational Scientist, Argonne National Labs

Re-Calibration of Probabilistic Forecasts

January 30 Charlotte Haley

Charlotte Haley
Mathematics/ Statistics, Argonne National Labs

 Coarsening Time Series
February 6

Angela Li

Emily Padston

Angela Li
R Spatial Advocate, Center for Spatial Data Science
Platinum Carpentries Membership 

Emily Padston
Executive Director of RDCEP
Discussion and feedback on curriculum for fall bootcamps

February 13 Varada Shevade

Varada Shevade
Postdoc at the University of Maryland's Department of Geographical Sciences

Mapping Land Cover for Conservation and Health Applications

February 20 Diego Rybski Diego Rybski, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research   Sustainability, development, urbanization - problems and perspectives
February 27 Jake Roth

Jake Roth
Argonne National Labs and University of Chicago Department of Statistics

Conjugate Gradients

March 5 Tamma Carleton

Tamma Carleton
Climate Impact Lab

A Social Cost of Carbon for Global Energy Consumption

March 12

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Environmental Frontiers Event
March 19   No Environmental Data Science Lunch (Finals Week)
March 26   No Environmental Data Science Lunch (Spring Break)
April 2 Daniel Arribas-Bel

Daniel Arribas-Bel,
Senior Lecturer in Geographic Data Science, University of Liverpool

A Workshop on PySAL - the Python-based Spatial Analysis Library

Location: Crerar Library, Room 298

April 9     TBA
April 16 Hannes Taubenböck Hannes Taubenböck, German Aerospace Center TBA
April 23 Julie Bessac Julie Bessac, Assistant Computational Statistician Argonne National Laboratory   TBA
April 30    


May 7   TBA
May 14 Victoria Romeo Aznar

Victoria Romeo Aznar, Mansueto Institute Postdoctoral Fellow & Evolution and Ecology Postdoctoral Scholar


May 21 Amanda Lenzi

Amanda Lenzi, Postdoctoral Scholar, Argonne National Labs


May 28 Amanda Stathopoulos

Amanda Stathopoulos,  Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University


June 4   TBA