Julia Koschinsky, Research Director of CSDS, has been collaborating with Nicole Marwell, faculty at UChicago’s School of Social Service Administration, and two colleagues from Chapin Hall, Nick Mader and Mike Stiehl on a proposed project called HS360. HS360 seeks to develop analytic methods and tools to help cities better identify and align the supply and demand for human services. Through implementation support, the analytic results would be integrated with city’s decisionmaking processes.

The four researchers presented the project at the MetroLab conference in Atlanta, GA from Dec. 13-14. You can access the agenda here and the HS360 presentations here. Please contact spatial@uchicago.edu for more information about this project.



Ben Levine, Executive Director of the MetroLab Network, features HS360.


Breakout session with the HS360 team to explain HS360 in detail, attended by government employees and researchers from around the country, including former MD Governor O'Malley.