Luc Anselin and Marynia Kolak of CSDS are part of a new award by the National Institutes of Justice (NIH) to PIs John Schneider and Harold Pollak of UChicago. The goal of the award is to create a Methodology and Advanced Analytics Resource Center (MAARC) to support NIH’s Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN). JCOIN seeks to improve opioid addiction treatment in criminal justice settings through ten clinical research centers that will address gaps in accessing high-quality care.

Through MAARC, the University of Chicago will provide data infrastructure and statistical and analytic expertise to support individual JCOIN studies and cross-site data synchronization. It will also conduct new empirical research to understand the changes in state policies and practices within the criminal justice system as they relate to the opioid crisis. The Center for Spatial Data Science will enhance geospatial aspects of this data infrastructure and research, develop interactive data products and tools to increase capacity and research translation across sites, and conduct a quasi-experimental evaluation of opioid policies across JCOIN communities that accounts for spatial effects.

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