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Marynia Kolak and family medicine residents Geethi Abraham and Geraldine Malana presented at the Public Health & Social Sciences Poster Session at the The 14th Annual Lewis Landsberg Research Day at Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine. This early collaborative between CSDS and Erie Family Health Center was initiated by Mary Talen, Director of Primary Care Behavioral Health Education at Northwestern University's Family Medicine Residency Program, to align research and health outcomes goals between organizations. Marynia is working with the team to identify hot spots and outliers of disease prevalence at a local level. Data is extracted directly from electronic health records and converted into spatial data formats in R, for further exploration in GeoDa. Then, physician partners will identify community resources and interventions to bring to locations that require it, rather than waiting for patients to come to them. The team looks forward to future funding opportunities and further collaborations.