As part of our new spatial insights project at CSDS, we developed resources for teaching and learning ESDA in GeoDa using the John Snow cholera case (specifically the Broad St pump and Grand Experiment cases). Thanks to Marcos Falcone for taking the lead on this. 

The initial set of resources are available now! They include data (including subdistrict boundaries for the Grand Experiment case), extensive documentation, and GeoDa implementation scripts. For background about the research problem, the competing hypotheses, the research design, and testing, Marcos also prepared a storymap and video.

Here are the main resource links:


We’re also working on supplementary resources, including details on Snow’s quasi-experimental research designs (Albion Terrace, Broad St Pump and Grand Experiment), and using Sherlock Holmes’ stories to illustrate scientific reasoning. Many thanks to Tom Coleman and Peter Vinten-Johansen for their expert advice throughout this project.

  Let us know if you have any feedback.