You can email us at spatial@uchicago.edu or join our google group. More info here, also about how to connect with our partners.

Find out here how to connect with our partners.

CSDS Positions

If you are in one of UChicago's GIScience classes or are a UChicago student with experience analyzing geospatial data, you can apply here.

This page also lists where else at UChicago you can apply.

No, unfortunately we currently do not have any open positions.

Since Luc Anselin is on sabbatical in 2024, we will not host any visitors until fall 2024 or early 2025. After that, we will host visiting scholars (typically PhD students or postdocs) who have their own funding and are working on research related to spatial econometrics or spatial data science. Feel free to email us at spatial@uchicago.edu. If you need a visa, you can apply to the University of Chicago to become a non-degree visiting student after talking to us (this includes expenses for health insurance and tuition).

Spatial at UChicago

Since Luc Anselin is on sabbatical in 2024, we won't offer our weekly study group meetings in 2024. However, our and our partners' other events are listed here.

Here you go.

Check out our spatial@uchicago map.

Accessing Spatial Resources

You can download GeoDa here and find GeoDa-ready data here.

Yes, you can access many of his course recordings on our GeoDa Center YouTube Channel.

Here's the spreg page with links to tutorials etc.