CSDS has been active in building spatial community for years.

The spatial@uchicago network consists of organizations and people who do geospatial work at UChicago. Find out who does what through the spatial@uchicago map, apply for spatial RAships here, and stay in touch about spatial events and resources through the spatial@uchicago discord channel.  For more information, check out the slides and recording of our 2023 spatial@uchicago open house.

Please email if you would like to be added to the map, are looking for RAs with spatial skills, or have any spatial questions.

Who does geospatial work at UChicago?

spatial@uchicago map: Let us know ( if you want to be added or want updates.

Where can I apply for spatial RAships?

If you have spatial skills and are looking for a spatial RAship, please submit this form. We'll then try to connect you with people who are looking for RAs for spatial projects.

How do I find spatial trainings and events?

spatial@uchicago's Discord channel covers spatial questions, jobs and announcements across organizations at UChicago. To join, email for an invite.

How do I connect with spatial@uchicago?

Find out here!