The Center for Spatial Data Science’s Research Specialist Marynia Kolak recently won the Academy Health’s Concordium Award for Innovations with Data for her web application and open spatial technology framework on Healthy Access, Healthy Regions. The award is designed to spotlight innovative tools and displays of data, in partnership with government agencies, to improve public and population health.

Marynia’s project seeks to better integrate data and spatial analysis in a flexible technological framework to continuously assess health programs and outcomes. Her civic technology web application is being developed as a cross-sector collaboration with public health agencies and community groups. It provides interactive asset maps that support needs assessments, dynamically identify areas for treatment based on risk assessments, and ultimately assist in the evaluation of policies and interventions. She will present her work at the Concordium 2016 convening.

View her poster here.

Congratulations, Marynia!


An example of the Healthy Access, Healthy Regions dashboards